As we know, pregnancy is a very sensitive issue and women during pregnancy face tons of emotional stresses and changes in their bodies, thus to release stress, they sometimes tend to play games. It is not regarded as hazardous to play games on a PC, PSP or any other gadget when pregnant. However, some of the finest games to play while pregnant are ones that are already acquainted with the player. Portable games like Nintendo’s Unravel 2 or Tekken are also popular choices. Even though it is not required, choosing games that are a little more soothing is important for pregnancy. Scroll down to the last part of this page for a complete list of pregnancy-friendly games. Follow us as we take a deeper look at everything we know so far regarding gaming while pregnant, including the scientific hazards and misconceptions.

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Is It Possible To Play Video Games When Pregnant? According To Science.

Some people now believe that playing video games while pregnant is hazardous to the foetus. However, no concrete scientific evidence exists to support this notion. So far, we know that smartphone radiation is dangerous, although maybe not to the amount that many people believe. One of the most serious issues that frequently goes unnoticed when it comes to pregnant gaming is sleep loss. We’ve all been there, sacrificing hours of sleep to advance to the next level. However, most people, particularly pregnant women, are at risk if they do this for lengthy periods of time.

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What Does The Science Say?

According to a 2015 research, not getting enough sleep might be hazardous to the infant. However, certain medications, such as benzodiazepines, may be dangerous. The pregnant mother should receive as much rest as possible. At the same time, our research reveals that many pregnant women suffer from sleep deprivation.

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At least 64% of pregnant women have insomnia at some point throughout their pregnancy. Based on this research, it’s very improbable that playing games would assist this problem. As a result, some pregnant women should avoid playing video games in the evenings when they may fall asleep too rapidly. 

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Another 2015 research looked at how different forms of radiation, particularly mobile phones, affect spontaneous abortions. According to the research, persistent usage of mobile phones is linked to early spontaneous abortions. Of course, there are several factors to consider, such as the phone’s SAR level or personal differences such as work, education, family ties, labour experience, and abortion history. Even so, it is prudent to minimise all forms of radiation sources in the homes of pregnant women, since this study states that further research is required to investigate these aspects.

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Remove The Games That Cause Tension.

It’s nice to spend hours playing Dark Souls or the newest Call of Duty. However, some mothers say that FPS games are not the ideal option during pregnancy. When it comes to relaxing, though, habits are crucial. If you’ve played similar games previously, returning to them for the sake of familiarity will be calming. Playing The Granny, Slenderman, or any other horror game is a whole other scenario. Such horror games may cause worry, tension, and even high blood pressure in certain people. It may cause women to lose sleep, which is one of the most vital components of a pregnancy.

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What Games Can You Play While Pregnant?

Giving portable games another go is one of the finest ways to guarantee you have a good time while playing. Even playing an ancient Nintendo may be a terrific source of entertainment, relaxation, or a way to pass the time while you’re locked indoors.

Like Candy Crush Saga, many games may keep you occupied for hours. Such games are true classics, and even when you believe the game is ended, you may return and rescue the day, keeping you entertained for hours. Another excellent option for pregnant ladies is the Super Mario Party series. The entertaining game has become a great classic, and the most recent edition is the finest yet. Prepare to have a good time with Mario and his pals. Okami is yet another exciting action game. It’s comparable to Zelda, and it’s one of those games that you can play for hours without having nightmares or anxiety attacks. Zuma is a terrific game with a sophisticated and lovely aesthetic. It’s entertaining to play for hours on end, and it’s one of the finest ways to keep you hooked. You may also play any of the A Game Operate Now games as a bonus. With this rather basic simulator, you can even pretend to give birth. Plato, Mobile Legends, and League of Legends are some of the most popular games. They are still excellent choices for numerous hours of entertainment.

When Playing Games When Pregnant, How Should You Sit?

Nothing beats an adjustable foldable bed that fits in the lounge when it comes to getting in a perfect position. In this chair, pregnant ladies may both play and sleep. If you like sitting on your stomach, you’ll have to be inventive. This is why, while playing Nintendo games, a solution like the supportive pregnant pillows with a hole for the bump is a wonderful option.

The Last Thoughts

Gaming when pregnant is entertaining and might be one of the few ways to pass the time inside. There aren’t many reasons to be afraid of it, particularly if you’re not missing sleep. As the studies above show, gaming is not always negative, but what it might bring with it, such as lengthy restless nights, can be harmful to your pregnancy. Most games that you are now playing may be played if you set aside enough time for relaxing. You may also use this time to play portable games since they are the only alternatives that enable you to lie down or sit in a more comfortable posture for your baby.