Razer is one of the biggest gaming equipment manufacturers in the world and their products are easily distinguishable with its black and green coloration. According to the authors over at Teh Talk, the Razer Naga X is the latest addition to the Naga series and could potentially be the last. The last time we have seen a Naga mouse was September, 2020 which is quite a long time. Although it is unknown why they make the Naga X now, judging from the price tag it could help more gamers to have access to this magnificent beast of a mouse. Unlike its predecessor, it comes with a cheaper price tag of USD 80 while its predecessors would cost USD 100 and USD 170 for the Naga Trinity and Pro respectively, making it ideal for gamers who want to invest into a premium MMO gaming mouse without having to spend too much. The Naga X is also lighter than its predecessors, weighing 85 grams instead of the usual 117 grams. It has also improved durability as the mouse can support up to 75 million clicks. For reference, 20 million clicks means the mouse can last 7.5 years while 50 million clicks can last up to a whopping 97 years. 

Besides that, the Naga X is equipped with Razer’s 5G sensor which allows users to set their DPI to 18,000. Additionally, the 5G sensor allows for more accurate tracking, making it ideal for FPS gamers to track and score kills much easier in addition to having PTFE feet, which allows the mouse to glide around the surface of a mousepad smoothly.

In order to fully utilize the Razer Naga X, the Razer Synapse software is a must have. Through this software, users are able to fully customize each button to have different functionalities. Additionally, they are able to create profiles to save their settings that will be used whenever they open a certain program. This could provide much more convenience to not only MMO gamers, but for designers as well as they can bind the numbers to different functionalities and improve their work efficiency.


One of the most obvious, but major weaknesses is the inability to change the side mouse panels, which was the trademark feature of the previous Naga mice. Although this would help to make the mouse much cheaper, it removes the versatility that the Pro and Trinity has. In order to keep its trademark color, most Razer products would not come with the option to change the colors of the products. The Naga X is one of their many products which suffers from a lack of personalization. Additionally, the Naga X shares the same design as its predecessor which makes it hard to distinguish each mouse side by side. It also can store one onboard profile instead of five, which prevents users from switching profiles on the fly. Despite having a cheaper price than its predecessor, the Naga X is still considerably an expensive investment. It also competes against other similar mouses like the Logitech’s G502 Hero and G600 MMO mouses and the Corsair Scimitar who have the same price tag, which will be difficult for the Naga X to gain the attention of other gamers. And of course, we have to talk about the wire. Just like every other wired mouse, the Naga X can be difficult to deal with whenever you want to pack and take it with you to other places, which could be cumbersome when you already have to deal with other wired devices.


Despite lacking its trademark feature, the Razer Naga X still serves very well as both a gaming and working mouse. With the price tag, it might dissuade some gamers from purchasing the mouse, but quality and durability of these gaming mice will ensure that you can last long enough that the next time you see this mouse in the market, it will be half the price to what it used to be. Of course, the pricing on gaming equipment can be extremely steep, other than the functionalities, the durability of these equipment can last you so long that you won’t need to change to a new one within your lifetime, provided that you don’t throw it off the window in a fit of rage.


Just like any other equipment, there are some competitors in the market to compete against the Razer Naga X. Searching for an alternative is completely up to personal preference, but here are some options that you can consider whenever you are shopping online for one.

  1. Logitech G502 Hero

The Logitech G502 Hero mouse is held in high regard by many gamers around the world as one of the best gaming mouse even today despite being released in 2016. The G502 Hero introduces one of the most advanced sensors in the industry and it is considered as the most accurate sensor a mouse can have. Because of that, Logitech would include this feature into most of their mouses today. The pricing of the Hero is slightly cheaper as well, sitting at USD 50 making it a viable alternative to the Naga X. Although it does not have as many side buttons like the Naga X, it makes up for having customizable buttons that can be done through their G Hub software.

  1. Logitech G600 MMO

Costing almost the same as the Naga X, the G600 MMO is Logitech’s answer to Razer’s Naga series. It comes with the same amount of side buttons plus a few more under the scroll wheel and the left and right clickable mouse wheel. It also has a 3-year warranty compared to the Naga X’s 2 years. However, the large size can be intimidating for some users and it does not suit smaller hands.