Makeover project back on track

We put an announcement about doing a makeover a couple of months back and never got around to it. Well now we are working on this project again, the new site is being built from scratch.

Please take our new site survey by clicking here.

We have decided to take your suggestions on the new site and made the development site open to the public. You can access it freely at

Please check it out, and send any comments, questions, and suggestions to We are open to adding new features, and we are thinking about slightly modifying the layout and color theme. Thanks everyone!

Our mission is to provide a forum for Ubuntu users to share their experiences with different hardware, to help ease both the transition of new users to Ubuntu, as well as help users pick the right hardware for their Linux system.Our features include multiple product categories and manufacturers, as well as comprehensive reviewing capabilities, such as rating on a scale of 1/10. We also feature manufacturer ratings based on their average product compatibility levels with Ubuntu.