Nvidia’s latest graphic card is finally out in the market and quickly emptying every PC gamer’s wallets. For those who are not aware, Nvidia is one of the biggest manufacturers for gaming related products and they are famous mainly for their graphic cards. Currently, AMD’s Ryzen graphic card series is the only one that is competing against Nvidia. Despite its high price at USD 1,500, the RTX 3090 quickly sold out on the first day of its release. As the latest addition to Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series, what does it bring to the table that its predecessor couldn’t?

A New Look

As with the previous versions, the RTX 3090 is not a slouch of its own as it shares the same design as the 3080. But, it is much larger than its predecessor so it might take up a bigger space in your CPU just to fit the GPU, which poses a problem to smaller computers as it takes up to 3 slots instead of the usual 2 slots. Just like the 3080, the 3090 has a fan and a cover that has the words “RTX 3090”. After its release, the netizens mock the size and design to ventilators that you see on the rooftop in American buildings. 

The Specs Of The Graphic Card

Now we’re getting into the best part. To form a comparison, the RTX 3080 will be used to compare to give a better perspective on its specs. The 3090 has significantly more CUDA cores with 10,496 cores while the 3080 is sitting with 8,704, which means that the 3090 can provide a greater performance. In addition to that, it has a higher memory bandwidth with 936 GB/s. Because of these superior aspects, it is usually considered as the best gaming GPU that can be used for professional uses. It also boasts an extremely large VRAM at 24GB, which combined with its amount of CUDA core could compete against some of the more expensive Quadro graphic cards as a cheaper alternative for designers. The 3090 is also said to be the pioneer of 8k and opens up more opportunities for video game developers to create more detailed and realistic video games in the future. With its high specs, the 3090 could help computers to achieve 8k gaming experience, which is usually found on some of the most expensive TVs in the market today. 

Should You Buy RTX 3090?

Finally, we have come to the most important part of the article: should you buy the RTX 3090? Well, it really depends on what you need from the graphic card. Do you want to get the most expensive, but best performing graphic card in the world just to satisfy yourself? Then, why not? After all, it depends whether you can afford it. But, if you are looking for a better graphic card without having to sell your organs, then the RTX 3080 can do a splendid job in providing the best performance at a significantly cheaper price. Despite being able to outperform all of its predecessors, it only gives at most a 20% performance boost – according to Bill Thomas from Techradar. The RTX 3080 was considered as the best gaming graphic card before the 3090 steps into the market, so it is now the cheaper alternative for gamers who want to look for an upgrade to their current specs. However, if you are planning to get the RTX 3090, you can always put your video games at the maximum settings and enjoy a smooth, 60fps high quality gaming experience. Just make sure that you have a large computer that can fit the GPU or else you will be spending a very expensive dust collector.

There’s also the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Founder Edition, which has a gold tint instead, but otherwise looks similar to the non-founder version. Otherwise, it performs almost exactly the same with the only difference is a slight improvement in boost power and TDP. So, if you are looking to make your computer more “pimp up” and can afford to spend extra money, then it is the graphic card for you.

However, the 3090 is no slouch when it comes to professional uses. Because of its high specs, it can be used as a cheaper alternative for professional uses such as encoding, 3D rendering and video editing that even outperforms the Quadro graphic cards. Of course, the Quadro and RTX 3000 graphic card series have their own specs to suit different uses with the Quadro series being more suited for graphic designing, but the 3090 can provide a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Quadro counterparts, making it ideal for beginner designers and video editors who are looking for cheaper alternatives to start their career.

Future Of RTX 3090

Despite coming out in 2020, there is news about RTX 3080 Ti coming out soon with tons of rumors going around, including the capability of outperforming the 3090.  It could set an even higher standard for graphic cards as it is rumored to possibly outperform the 3090. Since the Ti series are known for enhancing an established graphic card’s specs even further, we might even see that the 3080 Ti might be close to the RTX 3090 while some speculate that it will be cheaper. There’s also cryptocurrency miners to consider as there is a trend of these miners mass purchasing graphic cards to mine cryptocurrency and deprive gamers the chance of purchasing the graphic card. Nvidia combats this issue by artificially disabling features that would benefit cryptocurrency in hopes that it could discourage miners from hogging onto the graphic cards. As the RTX 3090 acts as the beginning of 8k gaming, we might see more graphic cards following its step and allowing gamers to achieve that high quality gaming experience.

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