In the modern era of technology, technological advancement is something that we need in our daily life. It could not be avoided because technological progress follows scientific advances. It will benefit people. Every innovation has the potential to improve human life. 

Every part of the electronic device is also improved with technological advancement. Thanks to this creation, we could have a taste of remarkable gadgets and accessories.  Here in this list, Logitech is one of the brands in the spotlight. Logitech is one of the leading brands in the gadget world. 

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How Long Has Logitech Been In The Industry? 

Logitech is one of the famous manufacturers of computer accessories such as keyboards, mice, cameras, soundbar, gamepads, headsets, speakers, and many more. There are always going to be new innovations coming out. This brand, founded in 1981 and it all began with the production of mice. Mice is one of the essential parts that is needed in computers which established the firm as a computer accessory brand. Logitech has now grown to include a diverse range of interface devices. 

G102 Lightsync Mouse Specifications 

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First and foremost in this list is G102 Lightsync Mouse from Logitech. It has light up and you can choose to customize it. There are metal springs on the left and right buttons of this finest gaming mouse that allow you to use it effortlessly. The use of RGB light sync technology allows for more dynamic lighting. With full spectrum customization of 16.8 million colours, the lighting effects produced will be in tune with the game being played. 

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DPI is important if you are a gamer. This mouse features 8,000 max DPI. It is good for first-person shooter games and high-graphic games. Then, this mouse has light sync RGB lighting. If you like gaming in the dark, you might opt for RGB lighting, right? So this mouse could be one of the mice for you to consider. It also has RGB colour waves where you can sync with your music or animations. This mouse will also be handy for digital marketers as they need to constantly be on their computers/laptops. Some digital marketing Malaysia agencies use Logitech mouses in their office to help increase work efficiency.

Why You Need To Choose The Best Gaming Mouse That Suits You? 

For gamers, especially those who took their game seriously, they would have a great desire to have a good PC setup to play their games more professionally. One of the tools that can support comfort in playing games is a gaming mouse. It differs from the usual mouse. This is due to the fact that the gaming mouse has a higher sensitivity than the usual mouse. So that when playing games, the targeting process against opponents can be done faster and also precisely. 

Logitech G Hub – One of The Attractions of Owning This Brand’s Accessories 

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Download this application for free on the Logitech website

One of the things about Logitech is its services. You could download this application for free and customize your mice here. What’s there to customize? Let’s take a look. 

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Logitech G Hub

Above is where you can customize your mice, colours, animations, DPI and what games would you prefer the DPI to set for.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless

The second mouse on this list is the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Are you someone who likes gaming but also uses your PC and monitor for work? This Logitech G Pro WIreless review should help you whether you should choose this mouse or on the other hand. 

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The Logitech G Pro Wireless is an outstanding wireless gaming mouse. It can be used for gaming purposes as well as functional in the workplace. G Pro Wireless from Logitech wide array of mice offers excellent performance for your satisfaction. 

Yes, it can be customised using the application as stated above, G Hub. Its size and shape are pleasant and comfortable, making it suited for practically every hand size and grip.  The downside with this mouse is that it can have some latency on high FPS games. Packet loss could also affect this mouse.  To fully utilize it with its cord would cause some drag. Furthermore, it only has two additional buttons on each side. 

Tips To Take Care of Your Gaming Mouse 

Always use a mouse pad when using it; it not only supports the smoothness of the sensor, but it also protects the gaming mouse’s optics from dust and keeps the mouse clean. Use a soft, flat base. 

In Conclusion 

Technology also brings various comforts to our lives, as well as a new manner of carrying out human activities. Along with the advancement of an increasingly sophisticated era, and technology will continue to develop with the times, we are currently experiencing the note that we must be able to use technology as well as possible. We are hoping that this article could be helpful for you to choose the perfect mouse for your daily use. Happy working or happy gaming! Stay safe and always practise social distancing. Click here to read more regarding our recommendations on a gaming mouse.