Logitech is one of the most popular manufacturers that have created high quality computer gears. For gamers, it is one of the best additions to their arsenal as it is highly praised as one of the best gaming mouse in the industry. They have sponsored their latest gear to some of the most popular esports teams such as Team SoloMid, Navi, and G2 Esports just to name a few. 


So as a mouse, what does G502 offer to the gaming industry other than just being a mouse that emits RGB lighting? From the outside, it looks like a normal gaming mouse with 5 side buttons on its left. Traditionally, the buttons under the mouse wheel would adjust the DPI of the mouse. However, G502 diverts their consumer’s expectation by having it set next to the left mouse button instead. The two buttons at the middle have two functions; the top button “unlocks” the mouse wheel, which enables users to scroll “infinitely”. The second button below allows users to change their profile, which we will get to that later. At the side, you might notice that there’s a portion of the mouse that shows three different lights. This is to indicate your DPI sensitivity which will light up more or less whenever you adjust it with the two side buttons on the left mouse click.

The G502 also introduces a unique feature that no other mouse has ever done before: adjustable weights. As one of the main highlights of the mouse, it allows users to freely adjust the weight adding up to 3.6g. It provides flexibility for users that would suit their needs. 

Lastly, the Logitech software supports a profile system, which allows users to add in macros and change the function of the buttons on their Logitech equipment depending on what games they are playing. For the G502, it has 11 remappable buttons and for certain genres, it can be a godsend mouse as they are able to remap the buttons on the mouse to suit their playstyle. Additionally, the second button below the mouse wheel allows users to switch profiles on the fly.


Throughout the years after the first G502 mouse came out, Logitech continued to expand their mouse and created two more.

  1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

This is the base of Logitech’s G502 mouse series that will later be used in future designs for more features and more improvement. It supports up to 3 profiles to switch between and can last up to 30 million clicks. It’s PTFE feet can last up to 250 kilometers before burning out, which can be underwhelming compared to its descendants.

  1. Logitech G502 Hero

The G502 Hero mouse may look slightly similar to its predecessor, but it has different functionality. It boasts higher DPI options, supports up to 5 profiles to switch, and more durable supporting up to 50 million clicks. Additionally, its PTFE feet can last more than 250 kilometers before it burns out. Other than that, the main feature of this mouse is it boasts better mouse tracking with their Hero tracking system, which provides a smoother and more accurate feeling that FPS players would appreciate. It is also regarded as the most accurate mouse on its release in 2018.

  1. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless

If you absolutely hate dealing with wires, then this is the mouse for you. It shares the same design and functionality with its predecessor including the Hero lens tracking, making it optimal for wireless gaming. It is also quiet, which suits the preference for certain users who prefer a quieter experience and avoid bothering others around them. Despite being a wireless mouse, it does not come with Bluetooth, making it disadvantageous for travelling or for computers that have Bluetooth support. 


  1. Design

As you browse through the G502 mouse series, you will see a striking similarity between each of them. That is because from the outside, you can’t tell which series each of these mice are with the exception of the wireless one as it is, you know, wireless. 

  1. Different Warranties

In terms of warranty, they all vary depending on which version you have purchased. For the Proteus Spectrum, the warranty lasts for 3 years while the Hero and Lightspeed mouses only have 2 years. Depending on how much care you pour into your mouse or how often you rage and abuse it like a drunkard husband beating on his wife, any additional years can make a difference as you can’t tell when it will die on you.

  1. Does DPI Matter?

As you read the specs, you might notice that each of these mouses offer different DPIs, which means how fast your cursor can go from one screen to another in a single swipe. Of course as a gamer, it is extremely important to have adjustable DPIs that would suit your style. Some prefer higher DPI to react faster, some like it slow and take it easy or for casual browsing on the internet. But at the end of the day, does it really matter to have a higher DPI? You might be wondering that having a DPI can make you as good as the professionals, but in truth it is all up to your personal preference. 

According to a Reddit post by user u/Nanoninonanin, he posted a list of DPI used by esports teams around the world. In this list, you can see Faker, one of the most popular players in League of Legends for SKT T1, is using 1800 DPI and 80 in-game with mouse acceleration on. 

  1. It’s way too expensive

If you are reading this and thought “well, I might as well get one of these since it’s considered as one of the best gaming mice, right?” Well, here’s the thing. It is extremely expensive, and I mean possibly way out of your budget expensive. A G502 Hero mouse can go up to USD 80 while the G502 Lightspeed is worth USD 149. Yeah, pretty crazy even though they have been out for half a decade.


Overall, having a gaming mouse is just to give yourself self-gratification as you would feel like you own one of the best gaming mice in the industry. If you are looking for just a cheap alternative, of course you can look somewhere else. Although there are better gaming mice in the market, the G502 still holds up as a really good mouse that you should experience at least once.