Logitech is one of the most popular manufacturers that produces gaming related equipment such as the mouse, keyboard, headphones and chairs. Yes, even chairs. However, they have quickly risen in the ranks as one of the best manufacturers around the world. They are even involved in the esports community as they are the sponsor of some of the most well-known esports teams in the world such as DAMWON Gaming, G2 Esports, NAVI and many more.

In 2016, the first G502 mouse was made available to everyone and has received positive reviews from everyone. Through that success, they eventually developed two more mice under the G502 line, the Hero and Lightspeed. I have already covered the Hero so you can read about it here.

The G502 Lightspeed is the latest and last addition of the G502 series. At first glance, the G502 Lightspeed looks exactly the same as its predecessors. It has 9 buttons and a metal scroll wheel with each of these buttons have different uses. At the bottom of the mouse, you can detach it easily as it is connected by a magnet. Just like its predecessors, you can add in more weight that suits certain users’ preference. The buttons on the left mouse click changes DPI, which was traditionally placed below the mouse wheel. Instead, the two buttons below the mouse wheel have two functions, unlocks the scroll wheel for unlimited scrolling and changing profiles on the fly.

Since it came out after the Hero, the Lightspeed receives benefits from it as it is equipped with the HERO sensor, which is considered as one of the best and most accurate sensors within the industry. Of course, the main feature of this mouse is it comes as wireless. It has a 60 hour lifetime that can be charged through a USB or the Power Play mousepad. WIth the mousepad, you can use the Lightspeed constantly as it will constantly charge your mouse as you are playing, but cost to get one is worth double the price of the mouse, so it is not recommended to get the mousepad unless you are willing to invest into it. 

Of course in a typical expensive gaming mouse fashion, you can’t fully utilize the mouse without downloading the G Hub from Logitech’s website. The G Hub is a software that allows users to customize their products with more depth. The Lightspeed benefits from this greatly as the software allows users to create profiles and have their settings changed whenever they open certain games. If you are unsatisfied with how the buttons work, then you can change the binding of the mouse buttons to suit your needs. Additionally, you can change what DPI your DPI shift button will change to. Although most people prefer to set at a lower DPI, it is possible to change to a higher DPI.


Being a gaming mouse, it is not unusual to see a steep price tag on such equipment. But, what about wireless mice? Well, that’s where the issue comes in. In addition to being a gaming mouse, being a wireless gaming mouse gave it an even steeper price. For comparison, its wired predecessor would cost around USD 50 while the Lightspeed costs USD 149. Additionally, since it comes with a receiver that allows it to wirelessly connect to any device, it does not come with Bluetooth support which could dissuade some gaming fans who would play games on a laptop (which you shouldn’t do anyways). Unless you are willing to pay extra for the wireless feature, you might as well get the wired ones as they provide the same functionality. Because of its design, the Lightspeed also suffers the same issues as the Protea Spectrum and Hero. It is large and bulky, which is unsuitable for users with smaller hands in addition to being unsuitable for certain grip styles. The design also suffers a major flaw for users with bigger hands as they would end up accidentally pressing the other buttons. And the 


Overall, the G502 Lightspeed mouse can give you the bang for your buck as it is equipped with some of the best features that a mouse can have even today, if you are not afraid of the price tag of course. Although it is not necessarily needed to buy an expensive gaming mouse, manufacturers like Logitech and Razer are always coming up with new ways to improve gaming experience. Naturally, new features would cause the price of their new mice to increase, so if you are looking to get an expensive gaming mouse yourself, make sure you read on their features and see if they will suit you.


  1. Logitech G502 Hero

Despite being the predecessor, most of the features you find on the Lightspeed can be found on the Logitech G502 Hero as well. Aside from the wireless feature, it is a 1-to-1 identical mouse with exact same features and benefits. The only difference is the price as the Hero cost half of the Lightspeed’s price. Because it is wired, traveling with the Hero can be more troublesome along with the other wires you have to deal with. 

  1. Razer Naga Trinity

As a gamer, you will definitely recognize the name “Razer” as it is one of Logitech’s biggest competitors. The Razer Naga Trinity is a unique mouse that comes with 2 swappable side panels with 2, 6 and 12 buttons. It can be overwhelming for casual gamers, but it is a godsent mouse for MMO players. The only downside of this mouse is the price tag as it is even more expensive than Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed.

  1. Corsair Ironclaw

The Corsair Ironclaw is a great alternative if you have large hands and need a light mouse. It weighs 105g, making it ideal for fans of light mouses. It can also last longer than Logitech Lightspeed as it can support more than 50 million clicks. Although it is cheaper than Logitech Lightspeed, it still has a high price tag which is USD 60.