You might have seen a similar article like this where we wrote about the three different versions of the Logitech G502 mouses, but in this article it will focus more on the Hero version of the series. The Logitech G502 Hero mouse is considered as one of the best mouse since its first debut in 2018. 

Physical Appearance 

One of the first things you will notice is that the mouse comes with multiple buttons, more than a standard gaming mouse. In addition to its two side buttons, it comes with 3 more buttons, 2 located at the left click and 1 right after the side buttons and it is known as the “sniper mode”, which temporarily changes the mouse’s DPI by holding the button. Normally, most gaming mouses have more buttons below the mouse wheel to adjust their DPI, however that function goes to the mouse buttons on the left click instead. The Logitech G502 Hero mouse also has 2 buttons below the mouse wheel, except they have different functions. The upper button “unlocks” the wheel which enables infinite scrolling while the lower button allows you to change profile, which will be explained later. 

The G502 Hero mouse comes with adjustable weight, just like its predecessor and descendant. The mouse can be considered as quite weighty as it weighs 121 grams without any weights. The mouse also comes with additional weights with a total of 18 grams that users can freely add and remove depending on their preferences. The bottom of the mouse is connected by a magnet which allows users to easily remove and reattach the mouse after changing the mouse’s weight.

One of the worst parts of the G502 Hero is that it shares almost the exact same design as the Proteas Spectrum and Lightspeed. This is common in every gaming equipment manufacturer as each new addition of the same series would just add some improvements to the previous versions. If anything, manufacturers should at least add a distinct feature to their products to help make the distinction of their products much easier instead of having them just an improved version of the older mouse.

The Specs Of The Hero 

Despite having the same appearance, the G502 Hero provides noticeable differences than its predecessor. Since it is the second mouse released after the Proteas Spectrum, it will be used to compare against the specs of the Hero. The Hero has 16,000 DPI as an available option for DPIs to configure as their base DPI, although it could be its own problem as well since most gamers would prefer a slower DPI for more accuracy. Speaking of accuracy, the Hero introduces the Hero sensor, which significantly improves accuracy. Besides that, the Hero can last more than the Proteas Spectrum who can last as much as 10 million clicks while the Hero can support up to a whopping 50 million clicks. To give you a perspective on how much that is, 50 million clicks is usually a feature can be found on gaming keyboards such as the HyperX Alloy Elite and Steelseries’ Apex M750 and 50 million clicks mean it can survive up to 97 years. So, unless you rage from a death and smash or flings your mouse around (and probably caused some collateral damage), your mouse can last long enough that you will see the birth of your grandchildren and the mouse will still work as if it just came out of the box.

Things You Can Do With The Software

Just like all gaming equipment, you can’t have your gaming mouse without playing around with the software. Remember the profile button I mentioned earlier? This is where it comes into play as you can freely switch between different profiles. So, why does having a profile matter? It is because your settings are saved depending on which games you had your settings adjusted to, including the desktop. Once you click into “profile’ there are many things you can do with it and change how your mouse behaves. For example, you can not only change the colors displayed on the mouse, but you can change how you want your lights pulse. Additionally, the aforementioned functions of the mouse can be changed to whatever that suits your needs, including the sniper mode. From the name alone, the first thing that comes to mind is making your DPI slower, which is normal for zooming in on a sniper rifle. However, the software allows you to change which DPI you want your mouse to be, even setting it to the highest 16,000 DPI if you are daring enough.

Things That Might Make You Reconsider 

Despite being the “best mouse” in the industry, it does have a few flaws. Because of its size, the G502 Hero is more comfortable for users with medium and large hands. But even then, having large hands could be annoying as well since you will end up misclicking the wrong side buttons. If you are a laptop gamer, then you might not like the G502 Hero due to its bulky size and comes only in wired. Additionally, the weight might discourage some users as it can be considerably heavy for some, although it is not as heavy as other gaming mouse like the Razer Naga, which weighs at 138g.


So what about the other mouses like the Proteas Spectrum or the wireless Lightspeed? Well, it is because the earlier is hard to find in the market these days and the latter is almost twice the price of Hero. Plus, why would you want to get the Proteas Spectrum when Hero is already a much better version?  Although there is an appeal to getting the Lightspeed because you’ll receive the benefits of the Hero in wireless, it is much more expensive as it comes double of the Hero’s price.

If you are looking for other mouses to explore, you can read about our article about the Razer Naga series if you are more of the MMO type of player.