Here is the thing, sex is a very important element in the life of a husband and wife. Without it, of course, the household will feel bland, lifeless and meaningless, right? Along with the advancement of technology today, everything is changing and this includes aspects of the sexual life of individuals today. 

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Technology has started out with the creation of televisions, radios, computers, telephones and many other sophisticated devices. In a simpler sense, it has indeed simplified our various daily affairs which previously required more effort. With technological advancement, sex is said to have changed to be more ‘modern’. The question is, is technology making sex becoming more positive or negative? Now, everything is at your fingertips. You just need one click then you can get any information or things that you need through your gadget.

sex toys

What about sex and technology? Does technology also play a role? Yes, in fact, the use of technology to enhance sexual pleasure has long existed and evidence has also been obtained. You and your partner are fans of sex toys? Then this article is right for you! This is because many husbands and wives out there do not know how to use it when having intercourse. So, what sex positions with sex toys can you and your partner try?

How To Implement Technology in Your Sex Life 

First and foremost, you could try to implement technology in your sex life. Here are two recommendations on how to implement them: 

Make Anal Intercourse Using a Butt Plug in This Position.

Anal sex is a form of sex in which a man inserts a penis into a woman’s anus rather than a vaginal entrance. This is a method that can be performed if you intend to perform it using a sex object known as a butt plug. While the woman is barking for the husband’s penis to be pushed into the anus, why doesn’t the husband use this butt plug to substitute the penis? Because the anus or anus does not release as much fluid as the vagina, penetration is more difficult. As a result, this sex toy will assist you in inserting the penis subsequently.

Doggy Style Sex Action With Vibrator

Second, on this list, doggy style action is a better and more interesting alternative when you want to implement technology. This position can also be done along with sex toys so you can utilize them. For those of you who are unaware, several sex toys have been developed in order to assist you and your spouse in developing a more intense and captivating intimate relationship. Many of you are probably familiar with different bed positions, and some of you may be experts at using sex toys.

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How to use them? The husband can insert the vibrator slowly until the wife is almost climaxed. After that, the husband does not have to wait long to penetrate the penis into the vagina. The difference is, all this is done in a doggy style position. For those of you who are less savvy, this position is done with the wife having to lean while resting her elbows and knees. The husband’s job is simple. Perform the penis piercing in a kneeling position and hands-free to touch the wife’s body.  


sex toys

Most adults probably have watched porn videos in their life. This shows that technology has indeed transformed and opened up opportunities for individuals to more easily access such pornographic materials. Indeed, the web is an open world. In fact, there is nothing positive about it unless you can probably learn the position and techniques of intercourse before trying it later. Even so, know that it brings more harm than benefit and one of them is an addiction which can lead to impotence problems. Pornographic addiction is as dangerous as any other material. 

Remember, Keep It Subtle

Here are the downsides of implementing or using too much technology in your sex life: 

  • Relying Too Much on Technology Lead To Bad Things

The point of technology is that sex could be an aid if done correctly. Sex technology does offer intense sexual pleasure and sometimes not all couples can do it. This can be a positive tool, but it can also damage your intimate relationship if it ends up limiting sensitivity with your partner.

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The solution for this, if you are using technology too much until it jeopardizes your relationship. The solution is to ask yourself, does this sex technology make you feel closer to your partner or less close? If the answer is less close, the obvious improvement is to reduce the use of the technology. Involve your partner more into your sex life. If the usage of sex toys or technological gadgets are too much, take a break from them. 

  • Thinking Too Much About Sex

When you get too caught up in technology like your gadget, you will develop a different mindset. You would love to scroll and look at other people, to the point that you looked at your partner differently. 

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Most people agree that great sex occurs when we are cut off from the constant dialogue of our own minds. Remember, don’t hurt your significant other feelings. They matter the most to you rather than the person you see online. 

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So that is everything you should know about sex. Implement some adult toys after you and your partner are comfortable enough.