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When it comes to technology, the best devices will always make you stop and stare. Even if you don’t think you need them, you find yourself craving them. Even if you don’t need them, it’s wonderful to spoil yourself now and again, and the best devices will still come in handy and make your life simpler.

We looked for items that suit this description in our list of the coolest tech gadgets. They may not be as necessary for your day-to-day existence as a smartphone or a laptop, but they’re the items you desire over and end up spending your tax refund on. 

It’s difficult to keep up with the ever-changing, ever-growing tech world. But, fortunately for you, that’s where we can help. We’re always looking for new goods to investigate, scrutinize, and test, and we’re always updating our list of intriguing tech gadgets with new releases and reviewer favourites.

Amazon Astro Household Robot

Unifi package Malaysia
Source: The Verge

During a live virtual event earlier this year, Amazon introduced a trio of new domestic robots. Unfortunately, these bots are not yet available to the general public, which is disappointing for early adopters anxious to get their hands on the greatest tech devices of 2021. However, through Amazon’s Day 1 Editions program, you may apply to obtain one of the first-ever units. The Astro, an anthropomorphized domestic helper that can walk freely around your home to keep an eye on things, is our favourite of the bunch. You may either treat it as a pet or utilize it as a security drone. In any case, we think it’s an indication that more domestic robots will be offered to the general public in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Unifi package Malaysia
Source: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

This is the first foldable phone worth considering. Foldables’ early prototypes were hampered by dependability concerns and exorbitant prices. However, at £949, this phone is likely to be as expensive as the latest Apple or Google smartphones on contract. The Flip3 has an octa-core CPU, lots of RAM, and a 120Hz display, so there are no compromises on processing power or features to make the phone work at this price. It’s also waterproof. Folding the phone splits the display in half, allowing you to watch videos while sitting it on a table. There’s also a tiny screen on the back that displays notifications even when the phone is turned off.

Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector

Unifi package Malaysia

When you think about home theatre projectors, you probably imagine a lengthy installation procedure and a PhD-level understanding of equipment to set everything up. However, we now live at a time where the Anker Nebula Solar can be retrieved. You can point it at a wall and have it project a 120-inch, 1080p version of your favourite Netflix movie without having to change the image settings or find a power outlet, and it’s a little bigger than a book.

Will this be able to take the place of your beautiful 65-inch 4K HDR TV? Certainly not. But if you’ve ever wanted to have a movie theatre experience at home this is exactly what you need and also make sure that your house has the Unifi package Malaysia to ensure that you are watching movies with high-quality pixels and no buffering. 

Sony HT-A9

Unifi package Malaysia
Sony’s new speaker system is for individuals who want genuine home theatre surround sound without having to spend time and effort hanging wires across their living room. The HT-A9 system consists of four wireless speakers that communicate with a control box that is connected to your television. Simply position the four speakers around you and wait for the setup – which echolocates each speaker – to adjust to you and your living area. To enable the entire Dolby Atmos experience, each device contains a tweeter, a sub, and a great speaker while watching movies. 

Apple Watch Series 7

Unifi package Malaysia

The Apple Watch Series 6 was the previous edition of Apple’s iconic wristwatch, and it was rather remarkable. It also allows you to keep track of your blood oxygen levels. Apple has, however, officially moved on to the Apple Watch Series 7, which takes over the Series 6’s greatest features and ups the ante even more, as of October 15, 2021. The Always-On retina display, which now offers 20% larger screen space than its predecessor, is the most significant upgrade.

Meeting Owl Pro

Unifi package Malaysia

As more people work remotely and online meetings become increasingly common, technology has advanced to make the experience more efficient and immersive, with the meeting owl pro serving as an excellent example. It’s equipped with a 360-degree camera, eight microphones, and a speaker to simulate an in-person meeting despite being away from coworkers. It’s a smart piece of gear that interacts with Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, and more, with an 18-foot audio pickup radius and an automated zoom that adjusts to who is speaking at the moment.