Being a parent to a newborn baby has a lot of challenges coming every day. The more your baby is growing up, the more challenges you faced and the more things you learn about parenthood. When it comes to your child, all parents want nothing but the best choice for them. They are willing to spend more money for the comfort of their baby, and that is just one of the smallest sacrifices parents had made for their children. 

Nowadays, with how much technology has advanced a lot of high-tech technology has been created for everything. That also includes technology for parents and their babies, with the help of all of these technology parenthood has been slightly easier. It also allows parents to do other jobs while their baby is being left. Well, there’s no robot nanny that can look after their kids but most of these technologies for baby has been proven to be safe and comfortable for these small human being. 

Pigeon baby products

If you are young parents that have been exposed to a lot of modern technology you will want to invest your money in all of these high-tech modern gadgets that will ease up your task as a parent and it will also be comfortable for your baby. Here are some of the gadgets for you and your baby’s comfort. If you are interested to buy any of these products you can check up the Pigeon baby products, and choose the best gadgets for both of you. 

Sleep Bassinet by 4Moms 

Pigeon baby products

Every parent wants their baby to be sound asleep, but somehow that is not what the baby wants. But, with the help from this high-tech baby cot, your baby will be sound asleep. This sleek-looking bassinet has 5 motions to put your baby at comfort and it can be connected to your Bluetooth. Instead of carrying your baby to sleep and get a sore arm, you no longer have to do that because this bassinet comes with 5 speed that is suitable for babies like a car ride, free swing, rock a bye, and many more. It also comes along with white noises that will put your baby in a deep sleep. Not only your baby will get a deep comfortable sleep but you and your partner can also have a nice comfortable sleep. 

iBaby Air by iBaby Labs 

Pigeon baby products

Babies are prone to all bacterias and germs especially the ones in the air. Dues to their low level of the immune system they are more at higher risk to get sick. And as a parent, we want to take care of our baby and avoid them from getting sick. By having iBaby Air, parents can protect their baby from harmful bacteria and germs in the air because this machine is an air quality monitor and it is also a purifier that is suitable to be put inside the baby’s room. It can detect all sorts of toxic air to the baby like cigarette smoke, alcohol, and many more. It also comes with an ion purifier that will create a soothing environment for your baby. 

Baby Video Monitor by Owlet

Pigeon baby products

We get it, it is impossible to constantly check up on your baby especially when you have other things to do at home. As a parent, we tend to multitask to keep the house clean while taking care of our baby, but then leaving these small children by themselves is dangerous. Well, with the help of Baby Video Monitor you no longer have to worry about your baby when you are cooking or doing laundry. This is because this baby monitor allows you to see your baby from anywhere you are and the quality of the video is 1080p. Even when you are working you can still see your baby with this monitor, and you can listen to your baby. Having this gadget will put all parents at ease knowing that their precious child is safe while they are working or doing other chores. 

Luna Double Electric Breast Pump by Motif 

Pigeon baby products

When talking about breast pumps, as a woman we will definitely choose the one that doesn’t make a lot of noise. Breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful things about motherhood but let’s be real we don’t really want the whole office to hear when we breast pumps our milk. But, with this electric breast pump, you don’t have to worry about making noise because this is one of the quietest breast pumps ever. You can even breast pump in the middle of the night without worrying about waking up your baby, besides that, this breast pump comes with a single or double pumping. So you can choose what suits you the best.  

Aton M Sensor Safe Car Seat by Cybex

Pigeon baby products

A car ride with a baby can be a nerve-wracking experience for all parents. That is why it is important for all parents to invest in a good and safe car seat for their baby. And this is one of the safest and high-quality car seats for your baby. You can connect this car seat to your phone so you can always be on alert if your baby somehow unbuckles the belts and the most important thing is that this car seat, will alert you when you accidentally left your baby inside the car. This kind of horrifying incident can happen to any parents and sometimes when you are too tired you can forget certain things, so that is why it is best if you have something to remind you. 

Parenthood is not easy, but with the help from all of these high-tech gadgets, it will ease your burden and make parenthood a little bit easier for you and your baby.